Clones Lace Workshops

Clones Lace Workshops:

An Cultúrlann, Béal Féirste (Belfast)

Aibreán 14 agus 21  2012

Ríomhphoist go:/ Email:

Loza Wool, Clondalkin, Dublin May 19 2012

Book a place with

The Constant Knitter May 26th 2012

88 Francis St

book your place with

22nd Annual

Clones Lace Summer Workshop

June 27- July 1st 2012

in Ulster Canal Stores, Clones.

2012 Summerschool brochure

local B+B list

July 11 – 14th 2012

in Lacis, Berkeley SFO

Also Minneapolis/St Paul in July

hosted by Cornelia Griffin

Chicago August 4-5

hosted by Amy Steinmetz

North west Chicago Crochet Guild

in July/August  2012.

Colpo, Bretagne France  Septembre 2012

Irish Crochet workshop 1-2 Septembre

West Cheshire,  UK  5-7 October 2012

More details of the above courses to follow in the coming months or by emailing me at

Email me personally at for more details

Clones Lace Summer Workshop  June 15-19th 2011

Máire Treanor cuts the cake to celebrate the

21st Annual Cassandra Hand Summerschool of Clones Lace.

Mother and daughter – Mary Martin with her daughter

Elizabeth, who made friendship bracelets for her friends,

while her mother concentrated on some fine crochet motifs!

Kathleen Kerley demonstrates some Carrickmacross Lace

in the Cassandra Hand Centre

A neck piece by Pat Tubb 2011

Ela Rzechula from Poland at summerschool 2011

Ela’s first piece of Clones Lace 2011

Famine tears Sept 2011

-presented to President Mary McAleese

President Mary McAleese and Máire Treanor

Sept 10 2011

Marcella Leonard, President Mary McAleese and Kevin Morgan with

‘Famine Tears.’

President McAleese talking to Eileen Crudden and Alice Carey

Clones Lace workshops in 2012:

Clones Lace Summer Workshop June 27th – July 1st 2012

Clones Lace Summer Workshop

local B+B list

Lacis, Berkeley 2012 – July 11-14th 2012 -date to be confirmed

L.A. 2012 – July 2012  Date to be confirmed

Minneapolis  2012 – date and venues to be confirmed

                     Mini workshops in MN:

Tuesday 2nd August 4-7pm in Steven Be Yarn Garage MN

Thursday 4th August 4-7pm in Bella Lana, MN

more comment and photos to follow…

StevenBe IC Workshop MN 2011


7 responses to this post.

  1. […] Clones Lace announces some workshops […]


    • Last week, I stopped at Lacis looking for information about Irish lace. As I entered the store, there was the posting about the workshop this week! I signed up for all 4 days and can’t wait to try it. What a treat to have you teach right here in the bay area


      • Posted by cloneslace on July 23, 2011 at 6:11 am

        Hi Linda
        I just got your message tonight. At this stage, I know you well from the workshop in Lacis and I know you’re enjoying it. glad to see you tonight at the powerpoint demo. Looking forward to our trip to Sunnyvale Lace Museum tomorrow.

  2. Posted by Claire Simpson on July 12, 2011 at 12:04 am

    I am trying to find out if the lace from my Irish grandmother’s wedding dress (1902) is Clone’s lace. The lace was removed from her dress and subsequently used on her daughter’s (that’s my mother) dress in 1926, her granddaughters’ dresses in 1951 and 1956 (that’s me!), her great granddaughters’ dresses in 1982 and 1990, and will be appliqued onto another great granddaughter’s dress this coming November 2011. I have pictures of the lace. Is there a way to post images to this site, and if I could do that, would someone be able to tell me if this is Clones lace or not? My grandmother was born in County Galway in Dunmore near the Doonmacreena Bridge.
    Claire Simpson


    • Posted by cloneslace on July 12, 2011 at 7:43 pm

      Hi Claire

      I would love to see photos of the lace. It has a really interesting story. Where do you live now?
      If you send the photos as an attachment to my normal email address:
      I should be able to see it::)



  3. Marie, I am a fan of you!
    I would be very happy if someday you come to Brazil to make a workshop here! Your work is maazing, and the way you share your knowledge, is to prove the good person you are!
    I am a begginner in lace crochet, irish crochet but I am in love with it!
    wish you healty and sucess in next year!Bye dear!


    • Posted by cloneslace on January 10, 2012 at 11:04 pm

      Hi Ivelise
      I would love to come to Brazil sometime to do some workshops in Clones Irish Crochet Lace.
      We would need to have a few workshops so that we could make it happen. The easiest way
      would be to continue on while I am in the States. Then the travel expenses wouldn’t be so
      high:) What part of Brazil do you live in? We’ll keep in touch. You can email me to my gmail


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