Personal workshops

In July 2012, I had my first personal workshop with Devora.

Devora outside Sheelin Museum

I had a wonderful 2 days with Lucy Sarkisian in Dublin in May 2013! Lucy has been crocheting beautiful and intricate motifs for a few years, but didn’t know how to do the more lacy filling associated with Clones Lace. We worked on her motifs and sprays and the Clones knot filling stitch. She was a very fast learner. I also gave her tips I have learned over the years and we practiced the straight row, the pillar row and edging!

She was working on a jabot and hopefully I’ll be able to show the finished piece soon! I want to do one too!!!:)

It was a lovely relaxing couple of days!

Lucy crocheting

workshop in b+b Dublin

Lucy's jabot in progress

Lucy in Templebar

Later in May 2013, I had a half day workshop with kathy, as she was only in Ireland for a week and wanted to see as much as possible.

Kathy crochets kathy's Clones knot

In August 2013, Leslie came for a 4 day personal workshop! I brought her to the Ulster Canal Stores in Clones and the Sheelin Museum in neighbouring Fermanagh. The following day we spent an afternoon in the Carrickmacross lace Gallery and in the Swallow Studios, where Liz Christy was busy working on her Annayalla woven lace scarves. Of course she learned a lot about the intricacies of Clones Lace too!

Leslie Verts August 2013 Leslie's work Leslie outside the Sheelin Museum of Irish Lace August 2013 Leslie and Máire August 2013


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