Sorcha’s Wedding dress in Clones Lace and Irish Linen


In October 2012, my niece Sorcha asked me if I would like to do a Clones lace inset on her wedding dress. I immediately began crocheting motifs and putting them to one side for the special dress. During this time, she also began researching wedding dresses to look for something that appealed to her. Aoibheann, my sister and her mother, also started researching where she would get some Irish Linen during this time. Then over the Christmas holidays, we took a day travelling around the linen factories in the Bangor area of County Down. Aoibheann and Sorcha had already paid a visit to the Dungiven Flax Mill in County Derry, which is about 30 miles from where they live. We decided to return to Marion in the Dungiven flaxmill, as the linen and flax is 100% Irish and is made in the traditional Irish way, whereas the flax in the Bangor factories was imported.

Sorcha was inspired by a dress that she saw which a Los Angeles designer had made. Aoibheann  cut out a template for me for my Clones Lace inset in February 2013 and I started joining the motifs with the Clones knot at this stage. After several fittings over the next few months, I had the lace insets completed by May 2013. I then made extra motifs for Aoibheann and Sorcha and taught Sorcha how to make the ‘ladder’, as she called it, which she was going to use for the head dress, attaching some of my motifs onto it.  I think you’ll agree that she did a great job!:)

When Aoibheann got her summer holidays from her teaching job at the end of June, she started working on the dresses, making them all out of Irish Linen – 5 flowergirl dresses, 2 bridesmaids, and the wedding dress, in a month, for the wedding on August 9th 2013!

stage 1 sideview

stage 2 -1stage 3 astage 5

stage 6

Sorcha agus Déaglan outside



Sorcha agus Déaglan outside

Sorcha agus Déaglán

Sorcha and Caoimhín

Sorcha agus Máire

Sorcha agus muidine

to be continued….


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Anne Hoey on October 9, 2013 at 5:45 pm

    This is beautiful, and gave me the concept of completing/ attempting to do make the top for my daughters holy communion dress.
    I have a number of size 10 threads from different companies, which would you recommend that would give a nice finished sheen to complement a satin skirt?


    • Posted by cloneslace on October 11, 2013 at 11:52 pm

      Hi Anne
      I always use Anchor Mercer Crochet. Even though it’s relatively expensive, it is what has been used traditionally by Irish Crochet workers and I noticed that the women on Isola Maggiore in Italy were using the same thread. In recent years, Lisbeth have begun making good quality mercerised thread too. It is a bit less expensive, but I find it is great quality too.



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