NYC and Kansas City USA Spring 2014

Máire outside the Met Museum MYC Workshops in the States.

 March 27th – April 10th 2014

Church of the Good Shepherd, East 31st St, Manhattan, sponsored by NYC Crochet Guild

Devon Thein of the Ratti Center in the Met Museum, NYC invited me to  visit the Center and meet some of their young students whom she and Gunnel were meeting on Friday March 28th. I had hoped to see some of their antique IC pieces, but maybe the next time…..

Devon Chiara and Gunnel

Devon Chiara Romano and Gunne. Chiara is researching

17th century Buratto embroidery lace

Devon in Ratti Center March 28th 2014

Devon wearing a bobbin lace neck piece which she made.

Louber and Devon

Loubov (17) is planning to make a black lace wedding dress!

He attends a design high school in NYC (like in the ’80s production of ‘Fame’)

NYC group shot

13 students in a tiny room!

Máire and Sonya

Máire and Sonya Kulczyckyj at the NYC workshop

closeup of Bettyann and Máire

Bettyann and Máire

Máire demonstrates buttony

Demonstrating a buttony to a group at the workshop

closeup33 crochetersEnjoying a meal after workshop

Some of us having a meal after the workshop.

Kansas City Missouri April 4-7th

Debra Lea gave the idea to Renata Rua and The Irish Center Kansas City of hosting my workshop there:

States Spring 2014 079 Admiring Olga's top

Lana Bennett and Ruth Jenkins admiring Olga’s top in Kansas City

lace collection in case

Máire at Presentation

Máire shows Tonya's top

Group at Presentation in Irish Center

Ann admiring Tonya's top

Me and Powerpoint pres.

Black mask for auction

Booksigning Booksigning 2

Closeup 2

Kristen examines antique pieces

2 days work


Brittany models her finished motif Brittany's motif

Tamie crocheting

Debra is happy!

Debra's work in Progress

Debra's finished bookmark!

Renee and Máire


Closeup of Renee's wedding dress

Renee modelling again Group outside again Group outside Kansas City workshop

Renata's jewelry wideview

Advertising Clones Lace Workshop Kristen modelling Tonya's top

Kirsten modelling Tonya’s top

Kristen modelling Olga's top again

Kirsten modelling Olga’s top

Kristen modelling Clones Lace top

Kirsten modelling my top

Out for Lunch with the waiter

Máire and Larisa

Larisa Chilton travelled to Kansas City from Manhattan Kansas to meet  me in the Irish Center, Kansas City.

Larisa Chilton Larisa Chilton's Loveheart

Some of Larisa’s pieces of Modern IC.

Tea cosy by Larisa

Teacosy by Larisa Chilton!

Renata playing bodhrán

Renata Rua playing the bodhrán!:)

playing the tin whistle

Lea Murphy playing the tin whistle at the session.

Lea also took some of the photos at the presentation

and gave me permission to reuse them! Thank you Lea:)

Session 2 in the Irish Center

It wasn’t all Irish Crochet! We also had an Irish Traditional music session

in the Irish Center!:)

Renata's car

Renata’s car the morning I left!

Gaeilgeoirí i gKansas!

Out for a meal leis na Gaeilgeoirí:)

Renee out for the night

Out for a Jazz night with Renee!:)

July 2014

Lacis, Berkeley SF July 23-26 2014

Makers Mercantile, Seattle August 1-3

  1. Christina Tinkabell
  2. Terri
  3. Pauline Hooten plus 4-5 others  from Alaska!

Irish Festival Butte Montana August 8-9 2014

Up coming workshops in 2015 – Merida Mexico, Sao Paolo Brazil, Nashville Tennessee, Kentucky

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