Cassandra Hand Rose Event 2014

Clones Lace Tiara 2

Clones Lace Tiara

Lee-Ann and Máire

The Roses 2Lee- Ann Cassandra RoseEva and Máire with her pic


Clones Lace roses and wild roses as part of Eva’s art piece!:)


Mairead and Eva


Mairéad and Eva


Lee-Ann Rose

Cassandra Hand Rose in St Patricks Parade Clones

Cassandra Hand Rose in St Patrick’s Eve Parade 




Lee- Ann standing at car

On March 8th 2014 we had the Cassandra Hand Rose Event in Clones. I was commissioned to make a Clones lace Tiara for the occasion. Lee-Ann McPhillips won the heat and had the honour of wearing the tiara. Hopefully she’ll keep wearing it and show it off in Tralee in August 2014:)

Then, as part of the St Patrick’s Eve Parade in Clones, Eva’s painting, which used Clones Lace Roses and Wild Roses, was attached to the front of the car in which Lee-Ann, the Cassandra Hand Rose was driven in the Parade!:)

Visit to Brussels and Brugge, Belgium

Waiting for Horses at Brugge

Genuine bobbin lace

 Over the last few years, a group of seven of us have been visiting the European Christmas Markets over a long weekend in December each year. This year, I was excited to hear that Brussels- Brugge was the destination!:)  Brussels is the capital of the European Union, but it also has a beautiful old city and it is famous for it’s chocolates, beer and LACE. It was very difficult to find genuine lace and I soon realized that I had to look for antique lace to have any chance of seeing genuine lace. Even then, it was difficult to find real handmade lace in Brussels and to find sales people who were truthful about it’s origin, even though it was obvious to me that it couldn’t be handmade in Brussels when I looked at the price – nine euro for a genuine piece of lace!!! The shop would probably take  100% and a piece of genuine lace would take at least twenty hours to make! On our visit to Brugge, there were lace shops everywhere, but again it was all computerized lace. The computerized lace was very shiny white. The antique lace was an off -white. In Brugge, the sales people were more honest and explained that genuine lace makers  couldn’t  keep up with the tourist demand. One  woman told me that 80% of tourists are happy to buy computerized Chinese lace. About 20% of people want to see the antique lace.  She had some genuine lace made by students, who were happy to sell it at a low price – €12.50 for a small piece. I bought 2 pieces of students lace. In the past all types of lace were made in Brugge – Bobbin, needle and tape lace. Nowadays there are classes in bobbin lace. Unfortunately we were returning to Brussels that night, so we didn’t get a chance to see a class in progress.  Luckily, I had attended an introduction talk and class on Bobbin lace in Cliffoney Sligo and I also saw some Honiton Lace makers at work when I was in Bolsena Ricama, Italy in September, so I am becoming more aware of good bobbin lace. Of course, when I am asked to teach Irish Crochet/Clones Lace with the Guild of Irish lace makers in Dublin, Ann Keller is the resident bobbin lace tutor! It is not one of traditional Irish laces, but is very popular in England and in Europe.

7 of us in Brussels

The seven of us outside the hotel where we were staying in Brussels

Genuine bobbin lace

A genuine piece of Bobbin Lace. The shop owner said it took an expert bobbin lace maker over a year (I would say two years) to make this piece, which was in the ceiling of a lace shop in Brugge. She said it would cost the same as a car to buy, if it was for sale!:)

Brussels at night

Genuine bobbin Brugge lace by students

Bobbin lace made by students in Brugge.


Chinese lace in BruggeComputerized Chinese lace in the Christmas Markets in Brugge.

Genuine Brugge Bobbin lace

This beautiful piece of Genuine Bobbin Lace

was priced at €64.

Bobbin lace in windowMáire outside a house in Brugge with a lace curtain.

mini bobbin lacemaker

A close up of the window in Brugge with a mini bobbin lace maker!

Antique Brugge Needlepoint and net lace

Genuine needle and net lace.

Lace from China

Computerized Chinese Needle lace in Brugge.

a mixture of genuine and machine lace

A mixture of genuine and computerized lace.

The linen, which is probably make in China or Japan, has insets of

computerized tape lace.

Ice skating in Brugge

Ice skating in Brugge

Evanne at bell tower

The huge queue of people waiting to climb the stairs of the bell tower in Brugge

Waiting for Horses at Brugge

Horse and Cart

Máire and Josie at Bell tower

Máire and Josie outside the 14th century Bell tower in Brugge

Mary at Brugge at night

Mary at the Christmas markets in Brugge, with the Bell tower in the background
Máire and Liz on horse

Máire and Liz on the horse and carriage ride around Brugge

Máire and Evanne

Máire and Evanne relaxing at night in Brussels:)

Imitation and real lace

Pieces which I bought:Clockwise:  A Chinese Christmas decoration (3 stars),  genuine bobbin lace, made by a student in Brugge (€12.50) a net piece of genuine lace, made by a student in Brugge (€12.50).

Clones Lace for sale

Clones Lace Tiara 2


I can make this tiara to your personal taste, either for a wedding, communion, or as part of a Dancing costume.

Email me privately at




Mairead wearing short shawlette

Máiréad’s  Shawlette

side view

Aine’s shawlette

Clones lace Masquerade masks

Mairead wearing Clones Burano mask

Aine wearing Clones Cat Mask

Clones Masquerade mask

shamrock necklace published in Inside Crochet issue 20, August 2011
Shamrock Garden

Shamrock Garden

Shamrock Garden

christening collar

christening collar

Clones Lace bookmark

Clones Lace bookmark

Fuschia  Irish Crochet bonnet

Fuschia Irish Crochet bonnet

bonet on black. right side view

Baby bonnets can be made for either 5 week, 6 month, 1 year etc

Email me privately at

collar 1

Small Peter Pan collar 

Autumn 2012 117

Irish Rose necklace 

Autumn 2012 118

shamrock necklace

Shamrock necklace in green or white/ecru.

Email me personally re orders at or message me on Clones Lace Workshops on Facebook

Workshops in Ireland and UK 2013 – 2014

November 2013 Clones Lace Schedule:

 The Constant Knitter Francis St, Dublin 9th November 2013

My next workshop in the Constant Knitter will be Saturday April 26th 2014

Group Hard at work Deirdre Spideoige

Deirdre Spideoige – ‘the regular’ at Constant Knitter!

Demonstratiing again

Clones Lace Workshop at Constant Knitter Feb 23 2013

We are proposing a weekend workshop in Clones – Crochet for Christmas -November 23-24 2013.

Anybody interested should contact me at

Angela teaching Tori how to crochet a snowflake


On 16th November 2013,  the Crafters Basket, Cliffoney County Sligo is the venue for

Clones Lace/Irish Crochet lace from 11am to 1pm, with Caron Laffey (from the Crafters Basket) demonstrating

bobbin lace in the afternoon, so it promises to be an interesting lace day!

My schedule US 2014

Máire outside the Met Museum MYC Workshops in the States.

 March 27th – April 10th 2014

Church of the Good Shepherd, East 31st St, Manhattan, sponsored by NYC Crochet Guild

Devon Thein of the Ratti Center in the Met Museum, NYC invited me to  visit the Center and meet some of their young students whom she and Gunnel were meeting on Friday March 28th. I had hoped to see some of their antique IC pieces, but maybe the next time…..

Devon Chiara and Gunnel

Devon Chiara Romano and Gunne. Chiara is researching

17th century Buratto embroidery lace

Devon in Ratti Center March 28th 2014

Devon wearing a bobbin lace neck piece which she made.

Louber and Devon

Loubov (17) is planning to make a black lace wedding dress!

He attends a design high school in NYC (like in the ’80s production of ‘Fame’)

NYC group shot

13 students in a tiny room!

Máire and Sonya

Máire and Sonya Kulczyckyj at the NYC workshop

closeup of Bettyann and Máire

Bettyann and Máire

Máire demonstrates buttony

Demonstrating a buttony to a group at the workshop

closeup33 crochetersEnjoying a meal after workshop

Some of us having a meal after the workshop.

Kansas City Missouri April 4-7th

Debra Lea gave the idea to Renata Rua and The Irish Center Kansas City of hosting my workshop there:

States Spring 2014 079 Admiring Olga's top

Lana Bennett and Ruth Jenkins admiring Olga’s top in Kansas City

lace collection in case

Máire at Presentation

Máire shows Tonya's top

Group at Presentation in Irish Center

Ann admiring Tonya's top

Me and Powerpoint pres.

Black mask for auction

Booksigning Booksigning 2

Closeup 2

Kristen examines antique pieces

2 days work


Brittany models her finished motif Brittany's motif

Tamie crocheting

Debra is happy!

Debra's work in Progress

Debra's finished bookmark!

Renee and Máire


Closeup of Renee's wedding dress

Renee modelling again Group outside again Group outside Kansas City workshop

Renata's jewelry wideview

Advertising Clones Lace Workshop Kristen modelling Tonya's top

Kirsten modelling Tonya’s top

Kristen modelling Olga's top again

Kirsten modelling Olga’s top

Kristen modelling Clones Lace top

Kirsten modelling my top

Out for Lunch with the waiter

Máire and Larisa

Larisa Chilton travelled to Kansas City from Manhattan Kansas to meet  me in the Irish Center, Kansas City.

Larisa Chilton Larisa Chilton's Loveheart

Some of Larisa’s pieces of Modern IC.

Tea cosy by Larisa

Renata playing bodhrán

Renata Rua playing the bodhrán!:)

playing the tin whistle

Lea Murphy playing the tin whistle at the session.

Lea also took some of the photos at the presentation

and gave me permission to reuse them! Thank you Lea:)

Session 2 in the Irish Center

It wasn’t all Irish Crochet! We also had an Irish Traditional music session

in the Irish Center!:)

Renata's car

Renata’s car the morning I left!

Gaeilgeoirí i gKansas!

Out for a meal leis na Gaeilgeoirí:)

Renee out for the night

Out for a Jazz night with Renee!:)

July 2014

Lacis, Berkeley SF July 23-26 2014

Makers Mercantile, Seattle August 1-3

  1. Christina Tinkabell
  2. Terri
  3. Pauline Hooten plus 4-5 others  from Alaska!

Irish Festival Butte Montana August 8-9 2014

Up coming workshops in 2015 – Merida Mexico, Sao Paolo Brazil, Nashville Tennessee, Kentucky

US Trip July 2013

Maire with mask poster

I began my US workshop tour teaching Clones Irish Crochet Lace in Atlanta, where I had been invited by Suzi and the South East Fiber Arts Alliance. I stayed with Kathleen Pickens while I was there and had a wonderful time. Thank you to all those who helped make this a successful venue, especially Nanette Sarquiz, a freeform artist, who first suggested me to Suzi, Kathleen who was a great hostess and everybody who attended my workshop in Atlanta!

Linda Suzi and Máire in AtlantaNanette and MaireAtlanta workshop '13Kathleen and me

Next stop was Denver CO. Diane Cheatwood had invited me to Denver after attending my workshop in Lacis the previous year.  Diane met me in Denver  Airport, though I was in it in 2012, to make a dvd in Loveland for Interweave. This turned out to be a very successful trip. Diane brought me to the Avenir Museum in Fort Lyons, where they were preparing to open an exhibition on Irish Lace. Mary Sheils, who teaches Carrickmacross Lace, the other great Monaghan lace, and lives about 20 miles from me, in Cootehill County Cavan, was booked to give a workshop in October 2013. When Susan Torntore, the currator at the Avenir Museum, saw my antique and modern lace collection, she was amazed. She especially loved my modern Irish Crochet samples by Olga Krivenko and Antonina Kuznetsova, who feature regularly in  MOD and DUPLET and who have taught in our Clones Lace Summerschool and when she heard of my plans to return to the east coast in March/April 2014, she proposed that the Avenir Museum host a joint workshop with Antonina and me!  I also did a presentation in the Tactile Center in Denver.

Susan Maire and MeganMáire in Avenir Museum 2013Megan modelling maskcloseup of Megan modelling Máire's Clones Lace topIrish Irish Crochet in AvenirAntique piece of IC in Avenir MuseumAvenir sleeve

Avenir museum1'13

Thistle spray Avenir Museum 2013Máire talking about her antique collection in Tactile Center Denver

Máire talks about antique collection Tactile Center Denver1

Máire shows Clones on a map of Ireland in Tactile center Denver

Irish Crochet and filet lace Tactile center'13

Diane Susan and Máire Denver'13

drinking marguerittes Denver'13

Máire and Diane Colorado'13

Next stop was Makers Mercantile Seattle!I was relieved and delighted when Christina, who had never been to a workshop, never mind organize one, emailed me to tell me that Maker’s Mercantile in Seattle would be delighted to host me, as Sharon Zientara, the manager, had worked with me on the Interweave dvd the previous year.  Jeff Sung, who has been attending my Lacis Workshops since I first started coming in 2010, lives in Seattle, so that was an added bonus! It turned out to be a great course!

Sharon modelling Olga's top

Olga Krivenko’s top

Jeff's hedgehog Seattle'13

in Makers Mercantile'13

Antonina Kuznetsova’s top

Sharon modelling my top

My top

Seattle what group did

This is what the Seattle group made after 3 days!

Joy Prescott models mask and necklace Seattle 2013Máire and Joy Seattle'13

Christina and kid'13Christina
Máire and kid in Seattle

My final stop was Lacis, where I have been giving Clones Irish Crochet Lace Workshops since 2010. Next year will be the 5th year and we plan to have a special exhibition of students work for the week, which will be July 22-25 2014.

At this stage, going to Berkeley is like going home. I have been there so often. I love the atmosphere of Lacis with it’s great selection of threads, hooks and the magic of the Rose Garden Inn, where we stay each year.

This year we had a mixture of returning students and
new students, some of whom had traveled from the other side of the States for my workshop!

Lacis group 2013 Lacis workshop again

Molly and Ina

MollyMirto and Ina model their tops Mirto models her IC wedding top Mirto and Cynthia

Amazing! I got the same bag in an antique shop - Rosemary bullions
Cheryl practising some Clones knot filling

 Suzanne doing Clones knotCynthia hard at work Grapes and vines on Leann's shawl

Leann modelling her shawl Leann  shawl full view
Leann and Rosemary working at Clones Knot filling Kim hard at work

Máire and Kim
Leann and Ina discussing IC

Molly modelling Tonya's top backview Jules at Lacis

Cynthia and Erin

Erin Lacis'1`3
Cynthia scrutinizes lace top sleeve in lacis

Antique Clones Lace Blouse

Jules at Lacis

Working hard at Lacis'13

 motif in Lacis

Antique daisies in Lacis

Cynthia's daisies in Lacis


Lacis group eating out

tPatty and Kim

Irish Coffees at Buena Vista

Enjoying Irish Coffees with Rosemary

Ready for home!:)

Sorcha’s Wedding dress in Clones Lace and Irish Linen


In October 2012, my niece Sorcha asked me if I would like to do a Clones lace inset on her wedding dress. I immediately began crocheting motifs and putting them to one side for the special dress. During this time, she also began researching wedding dresses to look for something that appealed to her. Aoibheann, my sister and her mother, also started researching where she would get some Irish Linen during this time. Then over the Christmas holidays, we took a day travelling around the linen factories in the Bangor area of County Down. Aoibheann and Sorcha had already paid a visit to the Dungiven Flax Mill in County Derry, which is about 30 miles from where they live. We decided to return to Marion in the Dungiven flaxmill, as the linen and flax is 100% Irish and is made in the traditional Irish way, whereas the flax in the Bangor factories was imported.

Sorcha was inspired by a dress that she saw which a Los Angeles designer had made. Aoibheann  cut out a template for me for my Clones Lace inset in February 2013 and I started joining the motifs with the Clones knot at this stage. After several fittings over the next few months, I had the lace insets completed by May 2013. I then made extra motifs for Aoibheann and Sorcha and taught Sorcha how to make the ‘ladder’, as she called it, which she was going to use for the head dress, attaching some of my motifs onto it.  I think you’ll agree that she did a great job!:)

When Aoibheann got her summer holidays from her teaching job at the end of June, she started working on the dresses, making them all out of Irish Linen – 5 flowergirl dresses, 2 bridesmaids, and the wedding dress, in a month, for the wedding on August 9th 2013!

stage 1 sideview

stage 2 -1stage 3 astage 5

stage 6

Sorcha agus Déaglan outside



Sorcha agus Déaglan outside

Sorcha agus Déaglán

Sorcha and Caoimhín

Sorcha agus Máire

Sorcha agus muidine

to be continued….


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